Issues regarding Schools and Education

“Laws and measures which in school questions fail to respect this freedom of the parents go against natural law, and are immoral."

Pope Pius XI, Mit Brendenner Sorge, 1937

Pope Pius XI

“Whoever wishes to see banished from church and school the Biblical history and the wise doctrines of the Old Testament, blasphemes the name of God, blasphemes the Almighty's plan of salvation, and makes limited and narrow human thought the judge of God's designs over the history of the world: he denies his faith in the true Christ

Pope Pius XI, Mit Brendenner Sorge, 1937

Parents are the unique educators, formers and protectors of their children. This huge responsibility, given to them by God, is one that should occupy them from the earliest years of childhood right through to adult life. It is one of the great privileges of being a parent. It has always been the case that others have sought to take away that right and to influence children with undue pressure, but today there are huge pressures upon children in this regard.

It is essential that parents are seen as the prime protectors and educators of their children. This ancient relationship between parents and child must not be disrupted by states or individuals who seek to impose upon children their own and narrow views of humanity. The Popes have repeatedly sought to protect parents as they carry out their God-given rights to defend and protect children.

Parents may opt for either home schooling or state schooling, depending on their preferences and capabilities.

Home schooling is not appropriate for every family. While some do it brilliantly, others struggle, be it due to work commitments or other things. It would be wrong to deny the children of those who cannot home school well the opportunities of a good state education. In home schooling many issues relate to how you do it. For state schooling the issues are most crucially about how you protect your children against corrupting influences in school and elsewhere.

Finally, there are a series of issues around how to protect children from the early sexualisation that is such a strong feature of current health and educational campaigns. Here, parents are absolutely the prime protectors of their children. Parents must have the tools to understand what to do and how to protect their children. The main reference for this is in a separate section of our website- Parents as Prime Protectors and Educators of their Children. However, this section contains:
  1. A checklist for use when evaluating values education programs
  2. A critique of the "Here I Am" programme in use in some schools
  3. An article on Moral Values education for children and teenagers

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